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ZRated/Jdoggg1 video pt 2... This still gets me stoked about riding

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This is still my favorite combo of music, shots, and riding in a video. I used to watvh this section on our dvd every time before i rode... ahhh, memories.

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dam that dude on that gixxer is throwin up some sick wheelies!
If i had a hi-res, i'd make a wallpaper of that section (give or take a second or so in the vid)

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nice... man, if im not pussy enough to take the bike out ill do that... but i dont have INS so ill holdback for now... that sude on the gixxer... sweet wheelies...
Nice vid man...
wow those guys got some talent
nice vid... looks like fun.

I miss riding in socal
good looking vid.

ssweet vid!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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