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Yosh TRS Stainless Slipon

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Yosh TRS Stainless Slipon 2004

Has a minor dent on the bottom - not visible when mounted. Ebay seller shipped it shoved in a box.Recently repacked with SilentSport packing.

Not a scratch & dent item btw.

Nice tone , just too loud for me on longer rides.

first 175 $ + shipping.

Email for more pics

Fits 03 - 05 R6


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email pics to [email protected]
price reduced

160 + shipping - or BO

150 shipped to 11355??? if so i can send money via paypal right away.
can you tell me the inside inlet diameter? how much shipping to 23462?
dfhr6 said:
let's do the deal~ let me know ASAP...thanks
160 shipped to SoCal?

Thanks to all , ride safe,
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