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Hi all, I came up with this idea in my head (which I am aware is not original), that if one can mate two inline 4 engines from a hayabusa engine together, then surely it is possible to do the same for the R6? As far as I know, this has been on record to have been done once before, with YouTube proof below:

Yamaha R6 - 1.2L V8

There is little information about the process the team who made this released, and it comes from a channel and video with no description and one comment confirming it is using "2 Yamaha 600cc inline four engines." One would assume this is speaking of the R6 engine.

What I would personally like to know:
  1. If something like this is even possible in comparison to the hayabusa engine?
  2. What would be required in order to make this work?
  3. What the hypothetical limitations of this engine would be? (could it still maintain same engine block, rev range, etc.)
  4. What the best engine model year would be for something like this? (Personally I'd like it to be as high revving and high power as possible, so if it is capable for the 2006-2008 range, that'd be nice.)
  5. Additionally if there is any roadblocks that would inhibit the successful running of an engine such as this for extended periods of time? (Ex: in the youtube video the creator of the video answered a question pertaining to the engine, saying "Having some problems with it at the moment.. its tearing the drive sprockets apart at anything over 4k rpm.")
Any advice is appreciated, however I'm just focusing on the concept and logistics of the engine design itself currently, so I do not need advice on mounting or finding chassis' for the hypothetical engine.
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