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Hi All,

Hope you can help me, yesterday I took of from work normally, (bike was cold) I went to a gas station to put some air to the tires and when I tried to turn it on the relay was just making a (click). I was able to turn the bike on while pushing it and pressing the ignition button. By the tie I got home, bike didn't turn on anymore, I tried pushing it but didn't work out, (battery and Clutch kit is new Less than 3k mi).

Now when I try to push it in neutral the bike moves softly, but if I put it into gear (any gear) the bike feels like stuck, like the clutch is still active on engaged, its hard to push, you need to lean and push it as if you are pushing it in a hill.

Also, clutch cable is properly adjust. I opened the clutch to see if there was something out of position, but everything looks fine, and there is no sign of wear on any of the new plates of the clutch.

Do you thing this could be battery(even though is new), Motor starter, Relay starter, or even the clutch cable?

Today I will be cleaning the starter and maybe changing the coils if needed. but if you have had this issue and did something different please let me know!!
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