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Yamaha Parts in the UK

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I've been looking to order some parts from Yamaha, but I think there available in the UK only. Does anyone have know how I would order them? Should I just try and call or email.

Does anyone know where you can order these parts for a discounted rate, any help would be great. I want to get genuine yamaha parts for my bike.

Here are the part numbers:

Carbon Front Fender '06

Carbon Rear Fender '06

Carbon Yoke Protector '06

Resin Tank Pad '06

Tank Cover Carbon

Any help would be great. Thanks so much.
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you wont get any discounted 06 parts yet that are GENUINE Yammie parts. fraid you would have to go directly to the dealer.
r6parts won't have any of the bits he's after and they only stock used bits.

Best bet is to find a friendly UK dealer and see if they will do a deal on shipping for you.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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