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Yamaha on mah V3

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Ive been wanting to do this forever...finally got around to it...and yes, I have a pinkish/magenta phone. Red is for ****.

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wait a minute, are you trying to say your a ***?
No, Im saying Im not a *** cause I like pink. *** *** *** *** *** *** *** ***
WOW!!! ummmmm:umm
there's somethin wrong with your camera.. your phone came out pink..
Hahaha yeah...that damn red-eye flash...
Can you do me a favor and e-mail me the cl.gif you used for that? I did mine a while back, but I like that one alot better!
[email protected]
You know E-Bay sells diferent housing right? Chrome, Gold, Silver. But Pink? Whatever man, its your phone :hyper J/K

Heres mine.

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thenick said:
How did you do that? please tell me
Do you have a V3? Goto: www.howardforums.com or www.motomodders.net
I have a black razr trying to find my box to see if its a v3
if it's a razr then you have a V3.

btw, anyone want to buy a 2 week old t-mobile razr from me?
The_Wood said:
:spit :lol
Alias...sent you the gif...and I like your background!

Yes I know they make different face/back plates...but I have had the black V3 for so long I needed a change. Its actually a pink faceplate, with the stock black bottom where the speaker is, and a pink battery cover. It looks good imo.
almightyares said:
Dont be jealous.



Am I jealous of Chrissy, my female assistant/receptionist that has the same pink phone?


ok, i got a v3 this weekend, how do i do that wallpaper. that is kick ass.
the pink is definately gay for a guy. no joke.
HEy shorty...go to motomodders.net and go to the V3 forums. You will need a data cable and some software...just read up on connecting your phone to your computer in the stickies on that forum and if you dont understand how to get your phone connected I will help you out.

Data cables for the V3 can be bought at most computer stores or office supply stores. Its the same data cable used for PSP's and a lot off digital cameras.
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