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yamaha front fairing?

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the head peice that connects to the actual bike... dont know the name but it cracked off from the frame on the bike and now only the side screws on the side fairings are holding the head of the bike? how much will this cost the fix and do i have to buy a whole new front peice? when i was flushing my raitator i saw this... :(

someone help!!!
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i know its not the front fairing but its right near the raitor if u look down sitting on the bike it connets the front of the bike to the frame!
do you still have the piece? you can weld it back with ABS plastic if you do. you would need to soldier it. search it up. you will find a how to repair cheap plastic.
I think he's talking about the fairing stay. Is it the cast aluminum peice that bolts to the upper fairing, headlights, and gauges?
what should i dO

yes thats what im talking about?! should i try and abc weld it ? i mean what the fuck should i do?!?!
unfortunately, the faring stays on our bikes are pretty soft. it's common for them to break free of the frame at the mounting point. i've heard of them breaking after someone set a wheelie down a bit hard. after my last crash with the OEM stay i had one of my dads friends heli-arc the lower ears back on mine two years ago and it's still holding fine.
Options as I see it:
(1) find someone that can weld it
(2) buy OEM for ~$115
(3) buy aftermarket, but make sure it'll hold stock headlights and guages
I just bought an oem fairing stay for 130, wish that it was made with better material...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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