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i just orded a yoshimura trs system, and a Power commander for my
2003 R6, from www.morepowerracing.com they were the cheapest i could find
anyone else delt with them? or had anything to do with them? just curious as to how fast they are and everything.
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I havnt heard anything bad about them.......or good for that matter, but you really should have looked into them BEFORE dropping that kinda money with them. good luck
yea, i know i should of looked into it first, they seemed ok, when i orded it, and they have a nice website, so ill find out how they are.
The PCIII should of been around $260 which isn't bad considering they call you to program it with the most compatable map so its pretty much plug n play.
that place is right down the street from me lol i personally never like going there in person because they had nothing in there but computers (since they went with a online store) but i never heard anything bad from them
my bro ordered stuff from them...they sent wrong parts and stuff...and charged us a restocking fee for their mistake and what not.
sounds like, they might not of been the best to go with even though they were the cheapest, from what i can tell people say it takes forever for the stuff to get shipped, but ill guess i will wait and see how long it takes...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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