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WTB: R6MN Decals plz....

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Is there anyone here selling R6messagenet.com decals? ive tried pm-ing that guy but hes not responding. thnx guys
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I haven't searched for the thread where you can get decals, but I'm interested too.
Scott from NJ makes these. See his thread HERE

Be patient, he will get back to you guys, and he'll treat ya good!

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scott_from_nj and hyperdrive are the guys to ask about that. I got my R6MN decals from Scott, and they were fantastic!
^ well, that's not a decal. it's a web page banner :lol

i have a few similar to the one on AFC's bike if anyone wants them.
id want the R6MN if you can spare it. the decal just looks nice and clean. =)
scott from nj will make you custom decals, whatever you want. He made CephasGT decals for my lid, and they look great! And speed tested up to 160 mph (corrected).
ronjeremy6 said:
i have a few similar to the one on AFC's bike if anyone wants them.
PM your way.:)
hey---just saw this post. if ya want em, i got 'em. also------anyone know the font in the web banner? i can update the decals. i think they'd look better :D
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