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wiring system??

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in the process of hooking up the front signals on my 2001 R6 i apperently hooked them up wrong and seemed to have blown a fuse.
but, i checked both 20 amp fuses today and they worked fine (one should be head lights & one signal lights)

SO, my signals are not working, my tail and brake lights wont come on, and after looking through the manual i saw that the horn may be conected, and sure enough the horn is dead too.

does ANYBODY have any idea were the circuit may be broken??
could the resistor for the signals knock out all of this?
the manual refers to the "main switch" is that the signal switch on the handle bars? could that be blown or something?

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has any body seen or hear of anything like this?? i have no idea what else it could be and i realy need some help.
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