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Windscreen recommendations

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I have an 02 Blue..........what replacement windscreen do you think would look good? Light smoke/dark smoke . I think Puig only makes the race model for this year. Zero Gravity has stock and double bubble. I'm leaning toward dark smoke thinking it would look good with the blue color. Also, do you have to remove the mirrors to install?
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Dark smoke if you are going to pay for it. But if you don't want to fess up that much cash you can get testors spray tint from a hoby shop or black paint and paint it yourself. There is a how-to in the How-to section.

Yes mirrors have to come off to replace it.
I have the Puig, quality and fit are perfect:thumbup
check out my "garage" to see my puig double bubble. i highly recommend it for its style, price, and wind deflection.
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