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Which lids are 'quality items'?

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I was looking at the pics of Slayer's chopped up Arai and it looks like a lump of polystyrene with a shell on th'outside and some bits of sponge on th'inside. Much like any other lid I guess. I suppose there is much more to it than my simplistic view though.

Thing is, how much of the 500 bills goes toward the name and how much of it is spent on design? I'll be investing in a new lid soon and I was wondering which of the cheaper brands you can trust as selling a quality lid with the same amount of protection, albeit with less styling points?
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All the cheaper lids are still perfectly acceptable on a safety point of view. They have to pass tests to be allowed on sale. Check the lid, it should have a blue or green sticker to say which standard it is upto. I think blue is the better standard. The extra cost of the pricey lids is partly down to the name, and the paintwork, but there are other noticable difference, such as weight and the noise dampening. My first lid was a HJC and very comfy it was too, it was only when I brought a shoei helmet that I realised how noisey the HJC was in comparison.
A lot of it is just personal preference. I look for the lightest possible helmet as neck injuries are often caused by the extra weight of the helmet. There is a substantial difference between polycarbonate and fibreglass shells.

Try different helmets on for fit. Do the strap up properly and see if you can pull the helmet off by lifting the back over the front of your head. If it will come off dont use it.

I'm also looking a a new one (or two) as I've destroyed 4 in the last year.
I personally use a shoei x1000 race rep, I tried an aria but it just did not fit me properley.
I use a vemar for the short trip to work, it fits well and does the job but not at high speed like my shoei.
Its down to personal choice of what fits your head and your wallet. I think whenit comes to protection get the best you can afford. Like if you can afford £300 for a lid get the best quality for that price, My race rep was £350 but the standard one colour x1000 is only around £280. So it all depends on what you want to look like aswell.
As for the saftey stickers on a helmet, I think almaost every helmet has them right from £50 right up to the £500 mark.
Just make sure you are happy with the fit more than anything.
The only legal requirement for a safety helmet is:

It must display a EC22-05 marking (previously it was the BS mark blue or Green which is still valid but if buying a new lid please check the manf’s date as these have not been issued on helmets for over 3 years)

Gold ACU sticker is not a legal requirement for the road

The visor must display an E* mark (* = number then refers to country of manufacture) if it is an aftermarket visor. If supplied by the helmet manufacture then this is not a requirement to display an E mark.

As said previously, all helmets must meet the EC standard and after that price usually depends on paint design, make, etc

Hope this helps.
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I've got an Arai Condor which fits me very well, tried a signet (also Arai) and that was seriously uncomfortable!!
So you have to get a lid to fit your head.

Had a Suomy before and that was pretty good but I wouldn't be without my Arai. Especially after the price - £200
£300 helmet discounted to £250 then a Hein-Gericke £50 voucher!! BARGAIN

Personally go for the Arai's, Shoei's etc but most importantly get one that fits and feels comfy! My Dads Signet give me a headache after 3 minutes - both are mediums!!

Hope this helps
Check though the motorcycle news achieves on their site about a year or so ago they did a series of tests much the same as is used to get the safety certifications, you will be very surprised at the outcome, from purely a safety point of view the helmets that came out top were some of your 50 quid FM stuff. Hows them for apples. So your £500 rossi reps are priced for design and name, not safety
R1spy said:
So your £500 rossi reps are priced for design and name, not safety
But they are exactly the same model as the racers wear. I would agree that the ones they race in are designed specifically for the racers, but the same models none the less...:2cents
IMO find a helmet which fits the best for your head and whether it be an Arai/Shoei/FM doesn't matter but rememer you will pay a hell of a lot more cash for a replica lid over a plain one.

The wife bought a Kato Shoei Rep lid last year for silly money but the insurance company paid for it after a small slide, the plain colours were £100 less than the rep for exactly the same helmet !!!
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