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Where to get good damper prices

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I was lookin around for a GPR damper recently and best price I found was 370, so I did a search on here, everybody says that TOBY, STORZ, SHINDY, GPR, SCOTTS, OHLINS, AND PITBULL dampers are all the same (they all do their job and I wouldn't notice the difference)? I was leaning towards a GPR because its just real nice and works well and is adjustable. I cant seem to find any of the first three brands anywhere for under 300 bucks when they are supposed to be the cheap dampers? Personally Id pay an extra 75 bucks for GPRs annual rebuild and customer support, but if I could find one of those dampers for like 200 then Id consider saving 175 and gettin something else..........Do you guys know of any places to get those dampers for el cheapo or should I just not worry about it and get the GPR....
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First, and this is just an FYI, the Scotts is the same as Ohlins. Ohlins bought them out in order to get into the rotary damper market (I think that's why they did it anyway?)

I think you'll be lucky to find a rotary damper for under $335 or so, regardless of name brand.

I like the GPR I have on my 06, but it is also a bit of a pain in the ass when you want to take the tank off, as you have to take the damper off first.
look in the for sale section and ebay. i got my scotts for about 290.00 shipped.
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