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I will have two (2) 05 R6s that might be for sale in 2006. I am testing the waters.

Both bikes have been in lowsides, not that you would know it because the damade which was only cosmetic has been repaired


Mods are as follows. on both bikes

Graves full Ti World GP
Graves/ Vortex fairing stay
Graves frame savers
Graves V-stacks
Graves Slide stops
Vortex rearsets
Woodcraft clipons
Woodcraft case covers
Pazzo Shortie Levers
Galfer SS lines
Galfer pads
PC 3 and dyno tuning.
High concepts shift shaft
DG8 gear indicator
Scotts Damper/ Pit Bull Damper
Progrip #700
Protek Swingarm sliders
Afam 15/50
DID 520
OPP Racing carbon fiber airducts connected
OPP racing bodywork (Sharkskinz quality but not as well known)- Red or Blue
Painted professionally with clearcoat.

Pit Bull stands
Chicken Hawk Tire Warmers

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I would let you keep the stands and tire warmers and give you 5k.

A great indicating factor in price is clean title or salvage or MSO.

There is a great number of people lowering their race bikes in prep for the 06's. WERA board has one for 9500 but everyone thinks hes nuts.
I tend to say much lower since it has been raced and that might be a factor in saying that you might have come close to blowing the motor.
Resale on race bikes suck. Its not fair....Trust me, I have an 05 also.
Graves just sold one of Aaron Goberts "Race R1 for 8800.....

Are we crazy? We drive in circles. Faster and faster until we crash. Then we ask the dealer if we can have a new one; but in red this time!

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If your trying to get money off of it.. try sell the parts it self.

But to answer your question, I buy it for no more then 6500.
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