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What is this and is it worth it?

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It seems like a gimick. Horsepower doesn;t come this cheap.
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Dude please.....

Do you think you can get 17hp more out of your R6 for $35.00?

Remember the old adage: If something sounds to good to be true.....

Don't be buying any R6's for 1/2 their book value from folks in Germany, ok?
lmao, dude you need kicked in the nuts for even asking this, its totally a gimmick...............but then again its on ebay where everything is legit and nobody ever overpays for shit.
Imma Start Selling DVD Re-winder kit
AH YES OF IT IS WORTH IT! ...**burst out laughin**
damn dave, i think chopping off your thumb had an adverse effect on your thought process :p
I hate shit like that. Even when I was into modding my car (which I'd like to say is a waste of money) That stuff never got me.
I didn't really look at the price too closely. My bad... fuckin' rape me over it :shrug
Anyone getting a good laugh that this one part cover 88-06 R6 and R1. How many 1988 R6's are out there :wizard must be magic, but I got 2 and a 1991 R1.
Aresixxer said:
Imma Start Selling DVD Re-winder kit
That would be hot. Let me know when it comes out. haha
old thread i know,

I saw that and laughed, i wasnt aware that the ecu controlled the air/fuel ratio on pre 03 r6 as they were all carby setup, so that should give an indication that it is all crap

just my :2cents
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