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What do I do?

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As most of you are probably aware, I've recently got an 03 R6. Really pleased with it.......etc Now I've got to shift my 1999 model.

Trouble is, the MOT has just run out, needs tyres and could do with a service (with new tyres fitted, it should fly through the MOT). So do I get all the work done and hope I get a good price for it, do some of the work (tyres and MOT) and drop the price slightly, or sell it as is cheap.

Local dealer has expressed interest in it and he could do all of the work trade prices but he would want it really cheap.

Bike has following spec:
1999 R6 Red/ White
28200 mainly dry miles (FSH until now)
Bubble screen,Ohlins steering damper,Harris rearsets,Akra can, 02 LED conversion, Dynomite front indicators,Dynomite carbon tail tidy, plus all original parts included.
I've owned this bike since Jan 2002 when it was on 5500 miles.
Excellent condition. (slight marks on righthand side. Nothing major.)

I could sell all the trick bits but I really can't be bothered.

All opinions welcome

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well i think your mad not too take the rear sets and Ohlins damper off and stick them on E Bay. Your Original screen,indicators will sell ok on E Bay as well.
I would buy a cheap pair of tyres llike 207s and then sell it, never looks good having worn out tyres. Let the new owner service it.
I go with kendo
Option 1) The dealer will give you no less with the trick bits on it so take them off and trade it in and recoup some money selling the other trick bits.

Option 2) Get a cheap set of what ever tYres you can from say M&P donot have to be the best, you aint riding it( i just got a set for £99 for the hornet michelin somthing or others) and sell the bike and let the next owner know that the bike will need a service soon. depending on what the brakes are like then it will only need an oil filter change. Leave the bits on the bike which will really help to sell it as every new rider loves a bike with bits on, saves hime having to spend money getting them. I know i did when i bought my R6, had the choice of a completely bog standard one or a tricked up one, same money, so saved a packet.

Hope you decide what to do and sell it for what its worth
Thanks for your opinions guys. I'll probably go with Spikes option 2. Cheap tyres, sort the MOT and flog it. I'll leave on the trick bits and, hopefully someone will see that its worth slightly more than a standard bike.

What do you think its worth?

Hi matty

Just looked on auto trader and there are a few on there the same age as yours with round the same milage 22k ish and they are going for £2500 to £2800.
Depends what you have on it and what condition its in.

My theory on buying a bike is when you get there and some says ah yes the indicator bulb is blown ill fix it if you buy it really annoys me, why not fix it and i might buy it now.
Seems that if there is anything apart from the tyres just do it if its somthing simple and treat the sale as the bike is "mint mate really looked after her, everything works and she is in perfect mechanical order" that way any young lad looking at it will by it if he knows everything works and he does not have to spend monies on it.
As for the service if they ask just say its geting ready for one and tell them what it might need. every littl ehelps.

Good luck mate
Seems quite reasonable. I was thinking of the following prices: if I get the tyres and MOT sorted, I'd be looking for £2400. As is now, I'd let it go for £2200.

Best get it advertised then!

Would you be interested in selling the rearsets at all?
Little update. Local dealer has said he'll take it off me as is for £2100. Its going to cost me £200 for the tyres and MOT so that effectively makes it £2300. I've told him I'll think about but I am seriously tempted. I could do with the money ASAP and it would save me the hassle of sorting out tyres, MOT and advertising it for sale.

SJJ I'll see how it goes with the dealer but ,at the moment, no. Why don't you try ringing Harris direct. I've heard that they've stopped making them for the older R6's so you may get lucky and get some old stock cheap.

On a side not, I now have pictures of the new bike. Anyone want to host them and put them up for me.??

Thats right matty go to

And just sign up and woohoo pics a plenty.
Sooo easy to use even i can do it.
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