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Went down yesterday

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Was riding out in the country by myself. I think I somehow hit a nail or something to cause a front flat, because as i was accelerating to about 55-60 mph, the front started wobbling and then it went down. I think it started skidding on the right and then flipped (ripped off part of the rear), and landed on the left side. The total damage will probably total the bike. Its a 2001 with about 15.5k miles. It was in awesome condition. The right handle bar broke off and pretty bad rash on the right side fairings. The rear tail is destroyed. The left stator cover is cracked (leaked out all oil), as well as the front wheel on the left is bent. There is a minor dent from the gas tank hitting the frame on the left side which will likely lead to the total from insurance. I was wearing my gear thankfully. Jacket, helmet, gloves, boots, jeans. Just minor rash from skidding on the road for me. The jacket saved my skin for sure. I am not even more in love with wearing my gear at all times. Hope to get another 6 soon though!!! :thumbup

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Sorry to hear about your crash. It's good to know you were able to walk away from it.:)
sorry about you loss, thats really sad to lose a bike to a nail. My 2002 has 6700 miles now good to know they last a long time,.
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