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I am Jack's Doctor
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Here's the run down:

In the morning I was feeling good and couldn't wait to start tearing it up... I was running the A (race) group with Animal.

First session was awesome. After one sighting lap, the control rider let us go and damn, did I get off to a great start. I was probably running in the 32 to 34's because it felt quick and I actually passed 2 or 3 guys on my first time out in race group.
It felt reeeeally good....

After a couple of laps I felt I was actually going faster every time.

Before the first session was over, I started having trouble (twice) with that dip in the skid pad where the apex of the entrance of the front straight is at... Almost at the end of the session I felt the rear come loose pretty bad and on one of them the tail actually shook while getting on the gas onto the straight. It pissed me off a little bit, because I didn't feel anywhere close to the limit, but it was very distracting. Something I hadn't experienced at the track before.

In all honesty, the skid pad has allways been a strong point of mine and I never actually minded the bumps and dips, so I didn't make much of it... I told Danny when we came out and thought of setting up my suspension before going back out.

For some inept reason I didn't do it...

Second session started off real good, and yet again, started passing a couple people and also got passed by a couple of fast guys.

I do have to say this.... The passing is REALLY F*CKING CLOSE in race group, and I actually didn't mind it at all, I was expecting it, and I knew that I was in the company of people that knew what they were doing.

I kept going at a comfortable pace and at about mid session I got to turn 2... I turned in like allways and was still leaned over while coming out of it. I guess I got on the gas a little too eagerly, because I felt the rear slide and the next thing I hear is my bike's scream as we both hit the floor.

Suddenly, I'm listening to my breathing inside my helmet while I'm tumbling on the pavement.
I get to a stop...
I see my baby spinning circles on the floor, but kinda cute lookin, as if to say, don't worry Pancho, I'm ok.

I stand and get out of the impact zone, do a quick body parts check and give the corner worker, who is desperately waving both yellow and red flags a double thumbs up.

I see 2 or 3 control riders coming to a stop behind my bike, which was still on the pavement, right on the lip of where the asphalt meets the dirt.
They ask if I'm ok, get off their bikes and go check out my bike with them.

"You ok?" "yeah". "What happened, u loose the rear?" "Yep", I replied; I assured them I didn't know how i lost it because I didn't pin it to WOT.
They took a look around and one of em said "no leaks... you good?" "yeah man". "Ok then".

I got on my bike and rode to the exit by myself.
Let me tell you, it's a long ass way to the exit all by yourself, especially when you take a peek at the entrance and everyone is gridded and waiting to get back out again :lol

I then saw the control riders catching up and one of them exited. I stopped him and asked if he could follow me around in the next session because I felt the rear kinda weird.
"You gonna sit the rest of this one out?" "yeah, I gotta do something first"...

I immediately went to the suspension setting station and explained the tech what had just happened.
Problem was, the rear suspension was too stiff and was robbing me of some valuable traction.

I thought to myself "damn, I knew I should've set it up during the break before the session"

Now I've learned a valuable lesson that I've read a million times before...."ALLWAYS LISTEN TO WHAT YOUR BIKE IS TELLING YOU"

The rest of the day, I bumped down to B group because I felt myself lacking confidence both through turn 2 and the skid pad...
I gradually started trusting myself and my bike again, and by the end of the day, I was feeling very, very good with the whole experience.

(There's actually no point in posting pics of the damage because it's almost non-existing, only a slight rash/hole where the plastics go over the engine case cover on the right side, and a tiny scratch on the pipe. My frame sliders took care off everything.... there's 2 on the right side and the bike was actually spinning on both:thumbup)

To be honest, today I felt the addiction to the track all the more intense, and I can't wait to get back out there. And I'm certain that my next event will be at Streets again.

Stunaz notes:
Went to Streets of Willow
First time in race group
Crashed (lowsided), lost confidence
Set up suspension
Kept going and got my confidence back!
Can't wait to hit the track pipe again...

I am Jack's Doctor
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Here's me going through the infamous skid pad...
I kept staring at the dip in the apex after my get off:
150pm - CP2_5746

BTW my bike is an 02 R1...
Here's the damage (hole over the right sided engine case cover):

Frame sliders saved me a lotta repairs:

Damage to my pipe:

All in all, pretty sweet...
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