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well i bought a bicycle on ebay.

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let's hope it shows up. :thumbup

i've been looking for a track bike (fixed gear bicycle). but then i came across a bianchi cross concept (cycle cross) bike. i am a bianchi feind and this is a really nice bike and the price was right, so...

i can't wait to get it and RIDE!!! :hyper

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Sweet ride. Those colors are always cool

Just wondering how much? and how you going to convert it to an SS?
6up said:
Sweet ride. Those colors are always cool

Just wondering how much? and how you going to convert it to an SS?
$1500 ($2500 retail and it's new but 1 model year old)

i am not going to convert it. it is too nice. and riding my single speed bianchi mountain bike around has me wanting some gears. the low gearing is great for hills but i have 3.5 miles between me and the hills and spinning like a mad man to get there is just not that much fun. and then again, if i had taller gears, once i got to the hills i'd have a hell of a time trying to climb them.

the only thing i might do to this bike is buy a set of road only wheels. if i am still for want of a fixie or single speed road bike i guess i'll have to plop another $450 down on a bianchi pista or specialized langster or maybe build one out of garge sale parts.
sweet man! You are going to love it if for no other reason, just for the versatility of a cross bike. The carbon/aluminum frames are a ride quality that will be appreciated on commutes/off-road and the carbon forks sure arent going to hurt either. Those ksyrium's are great wheels, i'd put some slicks on those and get a good mavic rim/105 or ultegra hub wheelset for cross (probobly should get an additional cassette for that set, too). You MIGHT wanna consider sew-ups for the cross wheels, TUFO makes great tires, but they're pricey and sew-up only. If you stick with clinchers, go with michelin for cross tires and either michelin or huchinson for slicks. Good purchase man, hope you really enjoy it
forgot...some in-line levers on the flats are almost a must of you plan on riding any singletrack with it, they're also very useful in cummuting, etc, I highly reccomend them. Those and SS/Ti Cook Bros eggbeaters to stand out from the complete roadie crowd
i have spd's on all my other bikes so i'll likely just throw a set of 515's or whatever on there and ride in my mountain bike shoes. this is my first taste of a road bike at all. you lost me a bit on the wheel set recomendations as i am a newbie but i'll keep tabs on this thread for when i eventually do get enough knowledge to know what the heck you are suggesting :lol

as for the inline levers, this is something i am definitely interested in. i was thinking of maybe going with bull horn bars or flats with bar ends. what do you think of that? and do you have any online retailers you can reccomend with good cross parts? thanks for the insight. you def seem to know the cycles
oh hey, maybe i'll ask you even though it's a little late for this, but i'm 5'11" and have a 30ish inseam and relatively long arms. i was told that a cross bike ought to be slightly smaller than a regular road bike so i got this one in a 55. you think that size will be alright? or too small?

thanks again.
Hey, I have some empty boxes for sale. :lol

Honestly, it MIGHT be too small....if it runs small, you shoulda got a 58, as a 56 would typically be your size.

Sick bike though, what components are those, 105's?

I would probably switch to flat bars if you gonne be taking it rgulary on trails. I've ridden a cyclocross bike with drop-downs on some technical/rooty trails, and on the drop-down part, it's a PITA, and when your hands are on top, it seems a little too narrow...
I saw that on E-bay! I am looking for a bike too. Great find. Congratulations.
Nice deal it might fit you if your legs are shorter , i ride a 55 road frame and my inseam is 33 . Time pedals are the cross pedal any atac model sheds mud
and is tough to break.
+1 on the Time's-Crank Bros kinda knocked off on their design and made it 4 sided but for out west, i think the SPD's will be fine with a bit of lube now and then.
I prefer a smaller frame (5'11/32' inseam and my Ritchey is a 56) so i would be comfortable on it but there are a few cm's of +/-. The only person who can say if a bike fits is YOU. If you think it is natural feeling, go with it. Unless you are doing road TT, it really doesnt matter. as for bars, get your local shop to order you some cross specific drop bars in at least a 44cm width. Cross bars are going to have more width on top, a less aggressive bend in the drops, more cable routing options, probobly better shock absorbsion and fatigue life. I had Ritchey biomax bars on mine and the upsweep was very controllable on the rougher trails.
I would stay away from flats of any type of bullhorn or bar-end bars. Long story short, they will make your nice cross bike into a high end hybrid and the guys at your local shop will call you a person of other sexual prefferance...i was one of those guys, and i did:) Seriously, dont do it, it is like harley style drag bars on our R6's. If you dont wanna do traditional drop bars, do some old-school Tomac style bars (the ones he ran in the woods back in the early days) check these out, this is the design i am talking about only with more flat on top Soma Major Taylor Track Bars

As for wheels, the wheels on there are pretty high-end and if you are going to commute, trail ride, or otherwise beat on it, i'd get some tried and true traditional wheels. I have ridden and worked on all sorts of wheels, and i wholeheartedly and confidentally reccomend Mavic rims (straightest/roundest from the factory and nicely machined brake track) with Shimano hubs (does this need explination?), DT swiss spokes (14/15 or 15/16 double butted) with brass nipples, and Fond De Jaunt rim tape laced in a 3X pattern in back and 2X up front. Rims- Mavic Open Pro or Open Sport (pro's are light, sports are strong and will stay true longer, i'd go with the sports for cross) Hubs- Shimano 105 (cheap, Uber-reliable, and not too heavy). this will give you a very reliable/strong wheelset for a decent price.
The cassette thing is just a reccomendation, it will make wheel changes a 1 min affair instead of having to use a chainwhip and a cassette tool on a workbench to switch them out every time you go from slicks to knobbies. It will also give you the option of having a set of tall gears for the street and a more "aggressive" set for the knobbies. I would also HIGHLY reccomend a SRAM chain and at least a 105 cassette (also FYI, shimano cogs/chainrings may not be the prettiest, but damn they shift well)
Tires-if you know this, my bad, just trying to help.
SEW UPs- Think about a airtight cloth tube (like the one inside your tire) with rubber bonded to one side. Advantages-Less rotating weight, impossible to get a pinch flat (almost) whick allows you to run less pressure (within reason) hence better traction and most folks swear by their ride quality Disadvantages-PITA to install sometimes, VERY hard to change in the middle of nowhere, more expensive, rims arent compadible with clinchers
CLINGHERS (reg tires)- uses a tire and a tube seperately with tire held on by a bead, like a car tire. Advantages-any wal-mart probobly has a tube that will at least get you home, tires are available everywhere and are cheaper, easy to put on/patch, etc. Disadvantages- hard to run low pressures because of wandering feeling and pinch flats, rims arent compadible with sew ups, more rotating weight.
Paul levers are top-notch, their machining is damn near perfect but they're about $100. Tektro makes a product that is 75% as good for 50% of the price...just less bling
i know that was long, but i promise you, it'll be as clear as day once you get familiar with it. bottom line, forget all the CNC garbage and get what works for you, what is reliable and what you feel comfortable with. I hope this hepled and feel free to ask any Qs you have
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my bad, linky no worky- just go to "handlebars", "Drop Bars", "Soma"

just thought about it-the drops of those bars will probobly feel like tiny little cliip-ons
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