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vibration problem on atv (very annoying!)

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Ok, I have a 2002 Honda 400ex. It's always had some vibration and rattles. I assumed it was the full skid plate I had on it. Well, recently I rebuilt the top end and figured I would get rid o fthe annoying vibrating rattles. I removed the skid plat because I was going to insert parts of a bicycle tube around the from where it contacted, and the quad STILL makes the vibrating noise LOUD when revved! It also seems to vibrate more than it used to while I'm riding. The loud rattling noise sounds like it's coming from my exhuast can (pro circut T4), however, if I place my foot on the side of the header (on the heat shield) and apply some pressure......it seems to reduce it quite a bit. Could it possibly be that the exhaust can has loosened up inside causing the rattle? All the bolts and brackets are TIGHT.

Any ideas about how to reduce the rattles and vibration?

and before anyone says it......I'm not going to just ride around with one foot applying pressure to the exhausT! LOL
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what part of the "inside" of the exhaust r u referring if all the external bolts & brackets are tight?
It's a Pro circut T4 pipe and both ends are removable (small bolts holding the end caps on) so that it can have the internal packing replaced. It's also supposed to be "tunable". Maybe the fiber packing needs replaced? Could it be that just the internal parts are rattling?
check exhaust , also motor mounts make sure they are nice and tight.
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