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The Veypor performance computer is a feature rich data acquisition gauge. Veypor was built from the ground up with motorcycles and cars in mind. It has every standard instrumentation feature along with data acquisition, on-screen graphing, ¼ mile timing functions, gear indication, a built-in programmable shift light, a full graphics display, lap timing, configurable display options and much more!

Included items:

* Veypor Performance Computer
* RAM Mounting System - clamp mount for motorcycles or suction cup mount for cars
* Wiring Harness (extra long harness for Cars)
* All Installation Accessories
* AC/DC Wall Transformer
* User Guide (manual)
* Serial computer communications cable

I've never used it, however I found this post on this Board about the benefits of the vaypor.

I used to think that I had all the information I needed in front of me while riding. The tachometer, speedometer, trip computer, and other things found on the stock gauges seemed like enough. Then along came the Veypor Data Acquisition unit. It gives you what the stock gauges do and more. It adds features such as the ¼ mile run, 0-60 run, 60-0 braking run, gear indicator, course timer, portable dynometer, shift light, lap timer, and downloadable data.

Even though the install is fairly simple, I wrote a how-to for the Veypor at http://www.highbimmin.com/Install/Veypor.htm . In the package you’ll receive the Veypor unit, installation hardware, wall power supply, pc serial cable(I recommend getting a USB cable also), ram mount, and manual. The harness has a yellow wire for digital tach., the red wire for power supply, the gray wire is rear wheel sensor and front Veypor unit connector, the black wire to battery ground, and the white wire is the ignition coil rpm detector. While the Veypor is considered an add-on, I decided to remove the stock gauges.

The Veypor has two buttons, menu and enter, on the front of the unit. The display can be changed to suit the rider’s needs with 5 different graphics. I choose to use the race graphics which displays only the RPMs, gear indicator, stop watch, and tripmeter. There are also quite a few add-ons, such as the infra-red lap timer, external buttons, aluminum case, and heads up display. I am currently using the VIR lap timer because I am a track only rider.

One of my favorite features is the ability to download data to your computer. You can hook up the serial or USB cable to the back of the Veypor unit and use the home wall power plug to transfer the data inside your house if you don’t have a notebook computer. I enjoy being able to see all my lap times, with top speed, rpm, and other parameters. The Veypor website has the VAS software and firmware upgrades, which are updated with improvements quite often. You can even get in the Veypor forum and make recommendations for changes and fixes.

The customer service is also wonderful. My Veypor stopped working and when I inspected things, the fuse would blow. I called Veypor and they had me return the unit. But I had a problem, I needed a Veypor around the time they would be receiving my unit. So they overnight shipped a unit so I had it for the track day. The Veypor website also has a great support section to quickly help you with any issues you may have.

There is never good without bad, but atleast there isnt much bad. I wish the Veypor had a temperature gauge and oil light. That wouldnt be a complaint for those who keep their stock gauges. I am really interested in getting the external buttons and heads up display unit to make things easier when concentrating on the pavement ahead. The external buttons seem essential on the track. Its difficult to change modes with gloves on. My main concern is taking my hand off the bar to press menu or enter while I am going 100mph with other riders around me.

Someday in the future I hope to see stock gauges on motorcycles become as informative as the Veypor unit. Some manufacturers are already adding some of the features such as the shift light and lap timer. Having the Veypor to record your 0-60 and ¼ mile run times is not just about bragging rights. It’s a great tool to measure your skill improvement in acceleration and braking.

BRAND NEW NEVER USED...............

New I've seen prices around 300.00
I'll sell for 200.00 OBO


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