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Various Body Parts for Sale Cheep

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i have several 2000 Red White R6 body parts for sale.

i have

2 Left side mid's in on in very good condition, the other with some rash near the upper bolt hole.

1 Right side Mid in pretty good condition, just a crack near the front.

1 tank with only a small dent from my belt right where the tank pad would go other wise nearly perfect.

1 tail section with only a minor scratch or two.

i have pictures of them somewhere on my computer, i can email them out. i do not want to ship anything but if i have to ship, you will have to pay all shipping costs. i accept pay pal but will ask to add the 3% or what ever they charge to your price.

make an offer. i want this stuff out of here.
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here are the pictures of what i have left. all the parts are dusty as fuck because they have been sitting under a desk now for about 8 months... i have them hanging on the wall now, so everyone please make offers and come pick these things up.

to the guy who wants the Tank. i will check with DHL this week and find out how much it will cost to ship to you.

let you know after work tomr.

thanks guys

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Tail still avalible

both mids still avalible.
how much you want for the tank and right side mid
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