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Vanson gear for sale

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Vanson Volante 42 (us)
full armour, kevlar, etc..
troy lee design

This is the real deal race suit..Top of the line! none better (imho)
It has been used literally twice, not broken in yet.a couple VERY minor scratches on the arm..they could probably be buffed out..

the suit retails for over $1500..I will sell for $900 shipped

Please email me if your inteterested.. I don’t check these sites every day..

[email protected]

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will trade for a nice laptop also
How about 650???
actually, I'm not muppet sized..my father is.. this was supposed to be his suit.. I am 5'11 240lbs
no, I dont I am WAYYYY too fat for this suit.. I would need a 52
Suit is still for sale..I am taking best offer
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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