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Trying to find GP shift info for an 01 R6

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I searched but GP is too short a term for thhe search to recognize.

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sharkskins also makes one (thats what I have)
Is that really all I need though, is an angled shift rod? If so, very cool.
I was thinking about doing the same thing to my 01. What else would I need besides an angled shift rod?
Bump! Does everyone only own 03 and up now or what? LOL
Once again Thrak shows us the way. LOL Thanks man.
its all you need, the stock shift rod would work if there wasnt a frame in the way. All it does is bend around the frame
The other thing you can do (I did it on my '00) is get an R1 shifter arm and you'll have shorter throw on the shifting. Neutral is harder to find tho.
I figured the R1 shifter would shorten the throw. I dont run reverse shift so do you think it will the rod would hit the frame if i switched over?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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