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Transmission problem maybe! Help!

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Okay, I apologize if this question has been asked before, but my eyes are starting to hurt from searching the forums for an answer.

Every now and then when I am coming to a stop, I downshift as normal while slowing down. Well sometimes I don't get down to 2nd, neutral, or 1st. Well after I stop, I try to put it in neutral or first and it won't go down. I will have to roll it forwards or backwards a little bit or rev it up and then I will hear it pop into gear. After all that, it lets me finally downshift.

Is this normal, or is there something wrong with my transmission?

I have an 06 R6 with about 800 miles on it. The Yamaha dealership did my 600 mile oil change and said everything was fine. I broke it in correctly and all.

Also when you guys shift up, do you just pull the clutch in, shift, and then let it out fast or slowly let it out? Does this cause problems? Thanks for any help!
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Sounds OK to me.
Shifting while stopped ain't always easy, and sometime will require rolling the bike a bit or (if the engine's running) letting the clutch out a hair.
i usually shift without the clutch, but when i do use the clutch i only pull it in as far as i need to. and let it out quick before it drops revs too far
It's totally normal for a sequential trans to do that; your trans is fine.
Yeah, it's normal, you might find that just revving the engine and letting the clutch out a millimeter enables you to get down a couple more gears.
yah, your bike wont downshift if youre not moving, if you want it to shift you need to feather the clutch a little or roll.
another thing you can try is, if you have clutch engaged, just let the clutch lever out and then pull it back in again. This works for me every time without rolling around.
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