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TrackXperience is back at the Willow Springs 2.5 mile Big Track...Monday
July 7th!

ORIENTATION CLASS: With a comprehensive track orientation class for
riders of all skill levels, we should be the first choice for riders who are
looking to build their skills and become precision riders! And with us,
while speed is fun, it's all about precision with us, not just the speed!

OPEN LAPPING: Open lapping (must be an experienced track rider) is free
riding with abundant track time yet we keep unsafe and discourteous
riders out of our events. You bring out a nice bike, we expect you to be
able to take it home shiny too. Our staff of professional instructors are
available throughout the day for one-on-one personal coaching, and they
monitor this group for safe and courteous riding. (open lapping IS allowed
in L1 for riders desiring a slower pace, whereas L2 is higher intermediate
to advanced lapping riders)

FORMAT: 2 customized groups. Long sessions means 50% more riding
than a "3 group" format event. Not only do you receive more miles, but a
BETTER experience. What's your track day funds worth to you?

AMENITIES: We deliver chilled bottled water and Gatorade delivered to
each pit during the day! Vendor services at this event include trackside
tire service (provided by Racer's Edge Michelin through Precepts
Motorsports), photography by CaliPhotography, suspension tuning by
CycleMall.net, on site sports massage therapy free to our riders. We have
standby EMS and of course a full corner staff for your safety.

The ticket price is $185 per rider and includes beverage service (WSIR grill
is open during lunch for riders to purchase meals). For a two group day with
50% more riding than a 3-group event, it's a great deal for the money!

More information on the TrackXperience orientation classes, open lapping,
one-on-one instruction, and the Tracstar Challenge Program can be found
online at http://www.trackXperience.com or by calling (800) 930-8520.
Registration questions may be directed to James Hoskins extension 84.

JOIN US AT THE TRACK! - (800)930-8520

Cal-Sportbike TrackXperience Myspace group


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Sidi Boots
Michelin Tires
Galfer Brakes
Spidi Leathers
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121 Posts
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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: CANCELED :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: CANCELED :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The 7/7 event has been canceled.

For whatever reason, economy, gas prices, we're just not getting hardly any interest in the event, whereas the Pahrump and fall WSIR dates look to be sellout events.

All registered riders will receive a full refund

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