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Well this was my winter project.
I was hoping to build a old bike and have it fast enough to race/beat current 600s.
Well this is want I came up with.

Please do NOT ask what it would take to make this street legal.
I will not respond to that question.

Its a '89 FZR 400/683 AKA Franken-Bike

Tightening budget forces the sale of this bike. (you know the story, just bought a house)
And it breaks my heart.
This is truly one of the best handling bikes I have ever ridden.

As the bike sits, it makes over 100 HP to the wheel on Moon Super Cycles Dyno.
Bike was run there in April.
Paint is fresh on older repaired Air Tech skins.
Fresh rebuild on the rear shock, By Superbike Italia
Suspension and sag set for a 160# rider.
The brakes are unbelievable in this setup.

This is the run down on the bike.

  • OW01 Rear Rim 5.5” (Holds a 180 rear tire)
  • Brembo rear caliper
  • FZR 400 rear rotor
  • Renske rear shock
  • Rear sprockets are OW01 or FZR 750RR or YZF 750
  • L.H. engine cover NRC
  • R.H. engine cover CNC Billet
  • Radiator FZR 1000 ‘94
  • Water cooled air cooler YZF 750
  • Oil filter, YZF or any newer Yamaha small spin on
  • Exhaust system, Vance & Hines FZR 600 (Carbon fiber can)
  • Front forks, ’04-05 GSXR 600/750
  • Front brakes, ’04-05 GSXR 600/750 wave rotors
  • Front brake Master, Brembo Rad.
  • Front wheel GSXR 750 3.5” ('01-'05 are all the same)
  • Triple clamps CNC Billet with ’91 750 offset
  • Tachometer, stock FZR 400
  • Chafong handlebars
  • Starter switch, CBR 900R
  • Throttle, R1 single cables
  • Clutch lever assembly, GSXR 750 ’90-95
  • Seat section, FZR 400
  • Tank Cover, FZR 600, ‘89 - ?
  • Upper and lower fairing, RC 45
  • Windshield, RC 45
  • Carbon Fiber front fender
  • Cone TI bolts and AL bolts through out the bike
  • CF Woodcraft rear sets
  • CF Wood craft clips-ons
  • Polished frame and Swing arm
  • Bottom end (crank, cases, tranny, etc.), FZR600
  • Top end, '95 YZF600 1MM over bore (Making the 683cc)
  • Megacycle cams, stage 2
  • Head ported and machined 0.020” with Serdi valve job
  • Carillo rods
  • Lightened and balanced crank and clutch basket
  • [Flat slides
  • FZR 400 ignition coils
  • Vance & Hines power pac
  • Yamaha kit valve springs
  • Vacuum fuel pump
  • Wrapped exhaust, with CF can.
The bike tips the scales at 335# full of fluids, with only 1 gallon of gas.

And More Pictures...

Right now the bike is tuned on 4:1 Pump and 110 Leaded gas.
Best run with this fuel was a 103

If you tuned the bike to run on VP 4.2... I am sure you could put down 110+ to the wheel.
I have a dyno sheet that shows the motor making 108.9.

Bike is Located in Milwaukee, WI
Asking Price... 4500. (I don't dare figure out how much I have into this)
If the bike doesn't sell before July 4th, it will go on Flea-bay. :furious

Contact @ Xian_163 AT Yahoo.com

Title is clean... but its Canadian.
All Documents go with the bike +Bill of Sale.

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