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Parts for sale for an 06-07 R6, color where applicable is black (raven).

paypal is chrisceo at bu dot edu. That is also the address to email me at for the fastest response.

DISCLAIMER: This stuff is out where I work on my bike. I can only get there on weekends for the most part. If you pay me for something and your payment clears by then, items will be taken to the UPS store on saturday and/or sunday. This is the case whether you pay me on monday or friday. No exceptions.

PM me if you'd like to make an offer on a large group of parts or the whole package. Especially the larger items, if I could ship them all together I'll work out something with you... the big fairings, for example.

Email (or PM) me if you post in this thread, that's the best way of getting me to see it quickly.

I looked up all the stock prices and then discounted quite a bit. If I am way off on something, sorry.

This is everything I have, don't ask me if I have other parts.

Proton flush mount front signals. These were custom wired by Mike Brunton at HighTechSpeed to have yamaha stock connectors on them, you don't have to cut your wires!!! These are the best flush mounts on the market, hands down. Waterproof, too. Comes with the washers and nuts I used to mount them. $85 shipped.

Right front upper fairing, mint. $50 shipped.

Hotbodies undertail. I've never used this, got it from a buddy. Appears to be in mint shape. $100 shipped.

Right side no-cut frame slider with base, puck, washer, bolt. $25 shipped.

Stock taillight. Mint. $50 shipped.

Rear seat. Mint. $50 shipped.

Stock turn signals. One has a small scuff seen in the photo. $40 shipped

Passenger pegs. Mint. $50 shipped.

Mirrors. One has some light scuffing on the back, from a tree/brush/etc. $45 shipped.

Rider seat. Small scuff on the left rear corner. $50 shipped.

Left side case cover (stator cover). Rashed, but not even close to wearing through. Perfectly functional. $35 shipped.

Right upper mid fairing. Mint. $70 shipped.

Right mid fairing. Excellent. $145 shipped.

Undertail section. Mint except for a hairline crack near the bottom left hole, you can see it in the photo. It's in a very inconspicuous place on the bike and could easily be perfected with some superglue. $55 shipped.

Stock exhaust with EXUP cables. Rashed and squished, but perfectly functional. EXUP valve still turns and everything. This would be good to keep for those of you who go to a track once in a while that has a noise restriction... $40 shipped.

Stock windscreen. I painted the inside of this black and did a really nice job. I also have fast lane velcro on the inside of it for those of you who use a fastlane/ezpass transponder. There are scratches/scuffs on one side/top of it. $25 shipped

Left side headlight. Perfect except for the mounting tabs, which I've included if you want to try to repair them, should be an easy job. The left headlight was beyond repair. Either frankenstein this setup with a left side and you're good to go, or use this one for the parts (lens, reflector, etc etc). $70 shipped.

Front Ram air intake with indicator light. Mint, except that I drilled holes in the bottom in two spots to mount my bullet camera to take video. $45 shipped.

Ram air covers. One has some minor scuffs, other is mint. $20 shipped.

The following are all rashed but all tabs are good. These would be perfect track day fairings if you can't afford track plastics and don't want to mess up your street plastics.

Rear seat cowl. Cracked and rashed. A little plasticweld and sanding and you can repaint it. $45 shipped.

Left upper mid fairing, rashed, all tabs good. $30 shipped.

Left mid fairing. Rashed and cracked, tabs are good. $55 shipped.

Right lower fairing, not bad at all, tabs are all good. $70 shipped.

Left lower fairing. Good shape except that the mounting points for the ram air tube broke off. Either superglue them back on or just remove it. Tabs are good. $70 shipped.

Here again is all the parts.

Again, if you'd like to take everything or multiple parts, I will give you preference.

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All PMs replied.

Passenger pegs, headlight, and right upper front fairing appear to be deadbeat buyers... so still available.

Front ram air intake and light pending sale. Hotbodies undertail pending sale.

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Seems like a lot of people like to say "I'll take it!!!!" and then not pay.

As of now all the stuff in the previous post is available. Money (paypal) talks.

If you want something, just paypal me and it's yours.

If you pay for something via paypal by 3PM EST today, I will ship it out today since the UPS store closes at 4PM EST.

If you pay for something by 6PM EST today, I should be able to package it and get it labeled to go out tomorrow morning.

Otherwise, next weekend.
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