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Tires! Tires! Tires!

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I have an 04 r6 and it is time to put on new tires. I know what tires I am most likely getting but a friend told me he was stoked to get these: http://www.canyonchasers.net/reviews/accessories/road-attack.php
Anyone ever heard of them???

Read up. Speak up.. I am trying to generate alot of conversation here...

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I have the PP's and some others have the dunnie qualifiers. we all love them both.
Still trying to see which one will last longer but who cares. They are both sticky.
Those Attack's a pretty new and I haven't talked to anybody who has used them. I read about them in Motorcylcist though. They had a short bit about them but I haven't seen them in a comparo with any other tires. I have been using Metzeler Sportec m1's and love them. They have awesome grip and have lasted me between 3 to 5K miles. No burnouts. Getting a brand new set of Michelin Pilots spooned on tomorrow. Gonna see how those do. Good luck.
^ make sure u let us know how the m1 does compared to the pp :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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