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Tire question

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Ok so after a short ride I noticed I had a screw in my front tire :(. It's not leaking air, so I pull on the screw and it comes out. It looks like it is just the head of a drywall screw that I ran over. It left a hole in the tire but isn't leaking air. I will post up pics, tell me what you guys think. I am too paranoid to ride with a hole in my tire, but do you guys think it's even safe to ride to the tire place? I apologize for the poor picture quality, cheap camera :).

This is welding wire to give you an idea of the size.

It has been like this for a week now, still hasn't lost air :shrug:.
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Wow you really can't see anything from the pictures, oh well. What do you guys think?
LOL wow the pictures so close Its like I can almost touch the tire!!!:hyper It all depends on how deap the nail went into the tire. If its just a shallow (which it doesnt look like) then it should be okay. Either than that I would patch that hole from the inside for good measure.
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