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Tire choices....

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I currently have the stock Dunlops... looking for a replacement for STREET (not track) riding...

I am looking at 3 tires:
- Dunlop Qualifier (I'm told that this is the successor to my stock tires)
- Michelin Pilot (either Pilot Power or Pilot Sport... not sure)
- Pirelli Diablo (street, not race)

Anybody have an educated opinion on these or any other tires??
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I'm not trying to come across as harsh, but do a search man. There's a lot of helpful info already here and a lot of the threads are very recent.

With that said, tires choices are subjective. You can't go wrong with any of those choices and most street riders will not be able to outride the tires anyway. The current favorite of this forum seems to be the Pilot Powers. The new Dunlops are supposedly just as good, but may get less mileage. Another option to consider is the new Metzeler Sportec M-3.

I don't have enough experience with any of these tires to give an opinion of my own, but like I said, don't be afraid to try out any of them.
Just put the Pilot Powers on yesterday,('05 R6),and it is a night/day difference over those stock dunlops.The bike now is much more 'flickable' and begs to be leaned hard:thumbup
Only problem I am having right now is that after putting the rear tire on,the back brake has become very soft?? Rode on it for awhile to pump up the fluid but it's very difficult to even lock them up anymore:(
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