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Been about a million years since I posted here.

I've just been ploughing around on Facebook to try to find some of the old crowd who I've lost touch with.

I'd love to get everyone back together again.

I can't even remember what year it was I started the May Meet - about 1953 I think.

I still ride - I managed to find time to ride 3 times this year so far - 2 of them were for MOTs on the two bikes, the other was to work and I got nicked.

Life is a little different these days.

Get in touch!



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Hello chaps. Good to see that there are still a few lurking.
Yes Paul - I do remember you. and everyone else of course :hattip
Hell! I even remember Harry with the washing up gloves and the brillow pad polished hard chop.

I'm doing okay, and still riding. For those that remember SPPete (my brother) he's fine too , and we still both scoot off through wales for the odd blast now and again.

So the plan is for a may meet in August 2015? Sounds great. That should be about enough time for us all to plan a route,book the B&B and buy an R6.

Take it easy people. I will try to remember to post up again in 2013
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