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The R6 And The Mustang All Sparkling...

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Just wanted to share some pictures I took after I got them all nice and sparkling...

The lighting was too bright...So the pictures don't exactly do them justice...

Oh well...I still like em'! :thumbup

And yes...I have a thing for red & black...

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pffffffffffft mustang shmustang. get a REAL muscle car!! AAHHAAH

just kiddin.. nice.. pony :p

nice weather isn't it?
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Hows that mustang run, you take it to the track yet?
No...Never taken it to the track...

All bark...No bite...
Nice pics man!:thumbup
Nice, both of them :thumbup Can't wait until I get my Mustang back up and running again.
I love that bike damnit. What do they consider that paint scheme is it like "limited edition"? And what year did they make them? How much more expensive were they when released?
NICE, minus the ford
That paint scheme was released solely in 2003...It was 2003's Special Edition...

I don't know if it had an increased price tag because I bought mine in 2005...
Very nice car and bike.

I have an 01 Bullitt and no bike...yet :(

Love the Bullits...I'm jealous...:thumbup
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