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Congrats! I was a Certified Tech, Owned, Operated and sold 3 shops and managed several others.

The R-6 actually holds 3/4 of a qt of oil that Never drains out unless the engine is disassembled. 2.75 qts IS THE PROPER amount of oil with a filter.

Please show me where there is ANY example by an OEM that the oil level is checked at running level in an engine.

2.75 qts with a filter and you will NOT have a problem.
Well congrats to you too... :thumbup

I guess when you change your oil, you don't drain the cooler or tip the bike over some to drain the pan better!?!

Just because the OEM says something does not necessarily mean they are right...

As long as the oil is below the crankshaft so it doesn't whip air in it and cause it to foam up, your good.

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No matter what you do, you are not going to get more than an extra ounce or two. There is about 28 ounces that you cant get out and taking 2 more ounces will not matter.

In answer to your question: No, I don't do anything more than drain the oil and my analysis verifies that I have no problems at 8000 miles on the Yammie, 16,000 on the Wing and 10,000 on the Harley.

Oil, is the Lifeblood of your engine. The oil filter, is the Kidney that keeps it clean.

The Best isn’t cheap
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321 - 323 of 323 Posts