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tank slapper!!!

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had my first tank slapper yesterday early in the morning.

I was heading North on the 57 coming from Brea, running about 80 constantly. i hit a rough patch on the freeway, the front end comes up a little. as soon as i land the handlebars just start flicking like crazy. i could hear the tires screeching. so many thoughts were going through my mind. it actually knocked my left hand away from the clip on. than God i was able to recover from the wobble.

any thoughts or suggestions as to how i can prevent or lessen my chances of this situation happening again?
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Steering Damper.

That is all.

Ohlins, Sprint are pretty much the favourites.
damper damper damper, I ride that screwed up section of freeway about 3 times a week if it's the same one I am thinkin of, allthose asphalt patches between Tonner Canyon and Diamond Bar Blvd. If it happens again and you still got your hand on the throttle, gas it. The added centrifugal force can help to straighten the wheel out. Good to hear you came out ok man.
i HATE tank slappers. get a damper, dude.
Like what everyone suggested get a dampner... Best investment i've spent on my bike.. I'll NEVER EVER ride a bike without cuz tank slappers are just too scary
glad I got my damper.
between Tonner Canyon and Diamond Bar Blvd
thats the spot. i was in one of the middle lanes. im usually in the fast or carpool lane when im on this part of the freeway so i never really noticed the raised asphalt.

thanks for the advice guys.

coincidence or not? about roughly a year ago, my first accident happened around that area, near the pathfinder exit. i fell sleep behind the wheel and i woke up after i crashed.... some bad juju in that area. and the wind is always freezing in between those hills before you hit the imperial exit souhbound.
kinda off topic but i used to drive thru that freeway at work..

I live in hacienda heights, used to work out in Orange...
DangerDog said:
Tonner Canyon and Diamond Bar Blvd.
I think they're redoing that section, i've seen construction at the DiamondBar exit. I have a friend with a 600rr who lives off that exit and always has to go around because of the construction. He rides like hes breaking in his bike so he has probably never has a problem there.

On topic, I have never had a tank slapper but I saw a video of some guy at the track get one and I got a damper as soon as I could. The video made me :rollin and :( at the same time. I know one of those would scare the s**t outta me.
Karonic said:
I know one of those would scare the s**t outta me.
What?:umm nothing scares you... you give the pavement road rash.
Fit a damper, and sometimes tyres (tires) can cause it. My race bike on Dunlop 209's was getting lock to lock tankslappers even with the damper full on. Pirelli's work fine.
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