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I bought this about 6 months ago, then decided I didnt want it any longer. I only ride my bike about once every 6 weeks, and never really leave it anywhere I would need an alarm. So here are the details:

Link: http://talonalarms.com/komodo/

Price $175 shipped

The alarm is complete. The harness isnt brand new any longer, so the wires are shorter, and have been taped up in looms when I installed it on my bike.

I never got the remote start to work, but I never tried to troubleshoot why that was. Im almost certain it had something to do with how I wired it. Other than that, it worked fine.

The guy that sells these alarms is a rider, and when speaking to him, he loves to talk about bikes. He is more than helpfull when it comes to problems with installation. I briefly spoke to him about the remote start, and he assured me that if the unit was defective, he would replace it for up to 3 years from purchase. He also agreed that it sounded like an installation issue though.

Im in So Calif in Chino Hills 91709. If someone local wants it, I will knock off some price for saving on shipping.
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