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Tag Heuer Watch Automatic 2000 Chrono

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I have an authentic Tag Heuer Watch for sale with all papers not Fake I paid 2000
I would like 900-1000 This is mint and excellent shape I will post pics my email is
[email protected] or my cell 1-810-287-4365!! I want to sell to put down payment on new r6!! This watch is no bullshit!!!!!!:thumbup

Thanks Jae Thompson!!
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This is what it looks like but white Face:thumbup


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Is it titanium or stainless steel? Does it have sapphire crystal or is it mineral crystal?
This is stainless steel and also sapphire crystal and comes with all paper work and warrenty card!!!
1000 is a good deal this watch is mint!!! I paid 2000
Watch Price

:thumbup 900 plus shipping that is the lowest I will go plus shipping!!

I just bought new r6 this need to go please make me an offer!!!!!!!!!!
$800 with no pictures except for the one that you found online?

C'mon man! You want people to send you $800? At least make the effort to take a real picture of it!

Hell, I am interested but with no picture I think of a scam right off the bat.
Take a picture and show everyone how beautiful it really is!
I will except return this is no bull shit!!!!!!!!! comes with all papers!!! I don't have digital camera!!! I am not out to screw anyone!!
Yeah, pics definitely needed. I've had my Tag for several years and scrapes and scuffs on the bands are unavoidable. I am interested to see what shape the band is in and may add another to my colletion. :D
Sorry it took so long!!!!! Here they are attached!!

:thumbup Hello people offer me 1000-900 so around there I will let it go for like I said this was not a bullshit ad!!!!!!!

I can be reached at my apt 1-248-364-9415 I am getting new cell

Thanks Jae

Hope to sell this week anyone???

Shoot me a price no low balls please will work with price but I know what it is truely worth pics show it!!!
Thanks Jae

I will put on ebay if that makes it more secure. I really need to sell please anyone I am willing to work with. I am running out of ideas for this watch to sell. let me know.
Thanks Jae


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That is a nice watch.
I MIGHT be interested, but I feel bad spending a grand for a watch.
Ill check the funds and let you know.
Feel bad? Your supposed to feel good when you buy something nice!
is it me or do i see scuffs on the bracelet?

This watch has minor scratches nothing that big so quit the bitching it is a kick ass watch and a good deal your just jealous you couldn't of bought it!!!
Price for watch

Hey I need this to sell so 750-800 Takes the watch let me know.
Thanks Jae:thumbup
700 plus shipping!!!!!:thumbup
Put it on ebay. This thread is going nowhere.


750 includes paypal fees shipping and insurance I am verified through paypal email adress [email protected]

Thanks Hope to sell getting desperate:thumbup
Did you ever put this up on ebay? Let us know if you did! Try some clearer pics if you can!
Just think of the mods you could buy with a grand...

Well, if you can afford a 1k watch, I'm assuming mods are not a problem.
do you have a copy of the original reciept?
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