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synthetic brake fluid - yes / no

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Changed out the front brake lines in my '05 trackbike with Fast Lines stainless-steel ones....so I was thinking of using Valvoline SYN fully-synthetic brake fluid but want to get some second opinions....

So anyone know anything about synthetic brake fluid?

Yes / No
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Motul DOT 5.1 is the only way to go for me. And yeah, it's full synth.

Full synth brake fluid has better heat properties, from what I understand, and I've noticed practically no brake fade at all with it. Also, it seems like it doesn't get "dirty" as fast as the stock DOT 4 fluid.
just dont get the race brake fluid unless you plan to change it every weekend.
I have been using gold spectro's synthetic dot 4. they claim it surpasses dot 5.1 specs.
I also heard it needs to be changed out more often but what do I know, I'm still running DOT 4.
I use Valvoline SynPower in all my vehicles, including my track bike. I know plenty of racers who do too. Works great, available everywhere, and is relatively inexpensive. It has great wet and dry BP specs too - look it up and you will see what I mean. Change it regularly (like you should be doing with any fluid) and you will be fine.
make sure you flush it completely, not just empty it all and refill. maybe consider running a good ammount of fluid through to make sure you get all of the fluid out. also, when you buy brake fluid only buy what youre going to need. i see alot of people make the mistake of buying a liter bottle of fluid, only to use a 1/4 of it. throw the cap on and "save" it. as soon as you open a bottle of brake fluid it starts collecting moisture. fill up your system do your thing, and then throw the rest of it away, otherwise youre just asking for potential problems
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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