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Suspension question

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I am trying to figure out how to make the bike alittle smother . mainly for passengers. when theres more weight on the bike you want to stiffen the Suspension? it seems like that would make it more bumpy. i weight 155 and the stock settings are fine for me . just tiring to see how to make it alittle smoother for passangers.
no iam not going to buy a gold wing :) :rollin
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if she is a 200 pounder you have to stiffen the spring because you are probably bottoming-out (the shock). im exaggerating (and only kidding about the extra weight) but you get the picture.

if the bumpiness you are referring to, is something else, try backing out on the compression damping. you want to be careful because changing the damping can screw everything up quick. do one click at a time on just the compression or rebound damping, and see how she feels. if thats not it, return the damping settings to the way you had it, and consider changing shocks.

playing with spring preload can make quite a difference, but i would try the damping 1st.
yea i gave a friend a ride tonight . and it wasnt that bumpy for her. ill try messing with compression , rebound damping tommorrow .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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