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Survived Nurburg and Spa

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Hi chaps.

Back from a complete petrol head long weekend at Nurburgring and Spa.

Went Wednesday morning and managed to get all the way to Aachen in Germany before the rain caught up with us. Bugger!!:( One of the best roads on the planet, Aachen - Nurburg and its raining. Not to worry we got ourselves booked into the Hotel overlooking the short circuit start finish straight, and headed for the bar.

Thursday morning we managed to do half laps from Adenau as this part of the track was relatively dry. 1st half was just too dangerous, Fun though watching some real headcases go at it in cars. 4 wheel drifts in road cars like I have never seen before. In the afternoon sat passenger in mates Nissan 350Z. Got to the 2nd corner over taking a golf and we spun out onto the curbing. One minute on track the next split second we are both going "oh sh*t". Armco fast approaching but driver does a bril job avoiding the metal work. We had now done three laps in the car and had two offs :D

Thursday was driveable but challenging. We met up with this 20 year old brit (known from last year), driving his dads Legacy. Dam this boy was quick, real quick. Now that was an adrenalin rush! mental fun.

Friday - Bit of a wash out, too much rain for our bikes. Spent time watching some real loonies and the odd write off coming back in. Did some go-karting and went round the museum. Oh yes and off to the bar in the evening (weather on the change so not too many tonight). One of the Brits we knew got a 1200Euro bill for some armco earlier in the day, ouch!.

Saturday, Its dry and we have postponed our Rhine Valley trip into late afternoon. Time to get some serious laps in before we leave. Sighting lap ok. Tyres set and now time for several complete laps. Everyone having a real buz and a few super car scalps under my belt, but those ring taxis put me in my place, and most of the locals. All of us thinking the trip was defo worth it. Spotted a Porsche Carrera GT in the car park. Unbelievable and the Irish owner did some racing. Never saw it out but oh my god I am sure he would have given it the berries. Unfortunately our ring time was over when the road was closed for about 1-2hrs. Not good for either person involved, two separate incidents on the same lap.

We now headed off for a much shorter detour to Spa than was planned. Still managed some bril roads down the Rhine Valley before heading back upto Spa.

Sunday - Track wet for 1st session. Scary!! 2nd session 99% dry, and its banzai again. Bloody awesome. Technical but with enough run off if you get it wrong, which I did on a few ocassions. 25min sessions by which time my arms are aching, tyres are well cooked and I'm grinning all the time. Hoping to get some professional photos in the next few days.

Finished the day exhausted, but not home so it was then a mad dash back to the Chunnel and home. Absolutely knackered, but had one of the best trips on a bike. Till next year:thumbup

Will get some photos up soon.


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That's a great story that Gos. Deffo one of the things on my 'to-do' list. Sounds brilliant!!
Nice one Gos..........any onboard vid?
good write up martin, sounds like an excellent trip despite the rain.
Sounds awesome Mart! You must be knackered.

Looking forward to seeing those pics.
Nice story shame the weather put a spoiler on most of it.
Pics need posting soon
Someday I will make it to the 'Ring for a lap, it is a life goal for me.

Looking forward to seeing the pictures...

Awesome!!! I've ridden it and its the best i've ever been on. My favourite bit is at the top of eau rouge (spelling) where you run wide, the bike gets light then you see whats happening and get back on the gas.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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