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So I've been looking at 1 piece track suits for the passed 2 weeks and spent atleast 5 hours in the passed 2 days trying to find one to match my 06 R6 Raven. Seriously... Other than an all black suit, what options do you have? I understand it's function over looks, and I'm willing to dish out up to 1000 - but if I'm spending that much I think looks should be important too. At first I was thinking just go with the black alpinestars sp-1 suit here


And it would match fine - then my girlfriend and all her friends said DO NOT go with all black. Well shit, I thought I looked fine. At the same time, I guess Batman is cool and all but I don't want to look like him going through the straights.

You can skip this part if you just want to put a suggestion, just what i was thinking about: Alpinestars Monza


The top center one in red / black / white. Only thing is here:


You can see the rear and it's go way too much white for a black bike.

Then I considered this:


I'm iffy on this. It's an ok suit but again if I'm going to spend 1000 I want the suit to be perfect

So what say you, "no one cares" and go Batman or get something that "matches"?

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