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Storing bike for a year, have ?'s

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I did a search and read some of the posts about storing a bike for the winter, Is everything about the same for a year? It will be in TX, so it gets pretty hot in the summer.
Heres a list of the things I have seen to do

-Put on stands
-remove battery (dont have a tender so I guess I'll just buy another when i get back)
-Fresh oil and filter
-Full tank of gas (Do I need to add anything to the fuel?)

Am I missing anything? Seems pretty easy.

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Full tank of gas seems not right. I would think drain the tank of gas because gas goes bad.
Cover it up.
wrong, fill tank to prevent rust and put in some fuel stabilizer to keep the fuel from going bad. If you can, have somebody run it every now and then you wont have to do much else.
If you don't have a tender, disconnect the battery cables.
StaBil in your fuel.
Plug the exhaust.

Don't have someone run it every now and then unless they run it for at least 10 mins or you'll have condensation build up and just kill the battery. The alternator won't charge your battery unless it's over 4k rpm.
Also, place the battery in a cool pace... don't listen to anyone that says not to put them directly on concrete, thats not an issue nowdays..

So theres that^, and then the full tank of gas, with stabilizer (run the bike for a few mins to get the stabilizer all thru the fuel system.. And put the bike up on stands if you can.. Atleast get the tires up off the ground, so they don't flat spot... And good tip on plugging the exhuast (as long as no one is going to start it.). Maybe something like steel wool or something, to keep mice out, intake isn't a bad idea either, those little bastards can get in anywares...
First of all add gas stabilizer in the tank and then unplug the battery and wrap it like you would some water pipes in the winter.. Then get a oil change.
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