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Because I said so
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Hello folks.

Not going to go into why it took me this long to get my bike ridding again. I feel quilty enough…. Straight to the point.

I have 2006 YZF R6S (faster blue :)) and I have neglected it for several years (maybe little more then several) and needles to say it will not start. Yes, I have new battery. It’s cranking, but as if no spark. 10-20 seconds, until new battery no longer cranks it and has to be recharged. I am sure all the jets and lines are probably gummed up, even after I removed the tank, cleaned out all the rust and gave it some new gas. My hope that I can cycle through old gas in the lines and get it started went unsuccessful. Never had issues starting it before, so most likely gummed up lines is the cause. I am no mechanic, but do my own oil changes, brake replacements and tuneups on my bike and car. So, I can do some basic stuff. Trying to find some instructions on how to get to all the engine components that I might need to remove and clean and while at it perhaps change any dried out gaskets, etc. I found a service manual thread, but links inside are dead. If there are anyone out there who can share the wisdom on how to get it running again, it would be greatly appreciated.
I am not ruling out taking it to professional mechanic instead, just need to find someone reliable in central Long Island, NY.
Thank you in advance!
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