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those of you that have GPR stabilizers what number setting do you keep it set at for street??? and for track???

those of you who have other dampers? how tight or how lose do you keep it for street and track???

i like the my GPR stabilizer just for tighter steering and the occasional head shake, i hate that loosey goosey stock steering. i keep my GPR at between 3 and 4.

now am screwing my self here, i'm no expert, but the loose stock steering always seemed too touchy, i have been riding with the tighter steering for a while and have gotten very used to it. but am i hurting my self from doing this??????????
i've head a few people say looser is better. is it all personal preference or am i limiting myself or making it harder to dip in and out of corners on the street and the track?

it has helped me feel more comfortable on heavy acceleration, slower tight turns, and high speeds. i have always sucked in corners and lacked confidence (part of the reason i got the stabilizer to begin with) but now i've been riding for a few years and i have more experience, so im riding a bit harder, going to the track and trying lean lower and take faster corners on the street and the track.............. any advice would be helpful.
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