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Sputtering Problem

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This past weekend I went riding with a couple buddies and it was a pretty hot, humid day. Everything was going good, and then about 1/2 way through the ride my bike started sputtering here and there. :furious It really hesitates when I engage 1st, but once it reaches about 3k rpm it kicks in and starts running fine. Although sometimes I'll hit it in 2nd and it'll sputter a little at about 9k rpm. I originally thought it could be 1 of 2 things: I recently put in gas that had 10% ethanol in it....but I then heard that almost every gas station is doing that so I eliminated that idea. I then thought it's probably my power commander. Last year I never had any problems and I never changed the map regardless of the weather so I don't know why it would give me a problem now. One of my friends said he thought it could possibly be my spark plugs (I have approx 6800k on my bike). Anybody have a similar problem and/or ideas of what could be the problem? Thanks.
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sounds similar to a problem i had on 6 a few years ago. i changed the plugs and i was fine after that...
Thanks man. That was going to be the first thing I tried. If it doesn't work then I guess I'll mess around with the power commander.
My guess is that it's the 10% ethanol crap. A very similar thing happen to me a few days ago. I put 10% ethanol in on my way home the other day and when I was about a 1/2 mile from my house my bike CUT OFF IN TRAFFIC while I was accelerating in 2nd :wtf. Luckily I was able to pull into a parking lot and not get run over. By the way it cut off I thought that I had possibly hit the kill switch but it was still in the run position. It started back up and I was able to limp her home but I could hear a popping noise at idle (sorta like hot cooking oil popping) :furious and the power was significantly reduced. The next day I completely drained the tank and filled it up with normal 93. The popping sound at idle was gone and I went for a 60+ mile ride with absolutely no problems. Unfortunately most of the gas stations in my area will be converting to 10% ethanol over the next 6 months. Hopefully I just got a bad tank full because there is no way that I will continue to ride with the risk that my bike might randomly cut off.
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i ahve the same problem. im guessing its the plugs as well. im going to change mine this week.
pikah0ang said:
i ahve the same problem. im guessing its the plugs as well. im going to change mine this week.
i agree...sounds like the plugs. if not, they're supposed to be changed at 8000mi so you'll be a little ahead of the game!!! while you're in there take a look at the ignition coils.
Ok here's the deal. I changed the spark plugs and the bike runs about 75% better, but she's still not 100%. I got a new, 'good' batch of gas and that didn't help so I know that wasn't the problem. Today I just disconnected my power commander and still nothing. Am I correct about there being a recall on ignition coils for '03 - '04 R6's? When I changed the spark plugs I checked out the assembly for the ignition coils and the the rubber on all 4 of them looked to be semi-burnt. I peeled it down and it didn't look to go all the way through, but they are definitely getting really hot. I think this is a sign that my problem might be the ignition coils. Anybody else agree? Only thing is that i heard from someone that coils either fully work or they don't work at all. Is this true? Any help/opinions are appreciated.
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