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sprocket changing????

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ok so i am looking into a sprocket for my bike rear prolly, i have a 50 set up now, with the 520 if i went down to a 48 kept the front the same, would i have to change much? maybe just move the axle knobs?? and where can i just buy the sprocket??
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search "yamaha r6" on ebay also search the ebay stores. your chain will be fine. youll just have to do some minor adjustment on the axel knobs.
You can buy the sprocket pretty much anywhere that sells motorcycle accessories. You should probably keep two things in mind.

1. How many miles has it been since you last changed your chain? If has been over 10,000 miles you might want to consider replacing the chain and both sprockets.

2. How far back is your rear axle sitting currently? If it's set back fairly far changing to a smaller sprocket might prevent you from adjusting your chain properly.

Hope this information helps. :thumbup
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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