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something that i found in germany...pic inside

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just one of the hundreds that i took
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Prolly the coolest scooter I have seen :D
geez, the mods are fast....thanks for the move
I saw a bunch of these in Spain. I have a pic somewhere of one cool little scooter
cool scooter, your avatar cat scares the shit out of me.
are you 4 foot tall ? Mabye its the way your bent in that picture but man you look like a midget lol
One of the coolest scooters ever :thumbup
i saw one in spain when i was there too. and i'm proud to say that i'm 5'5" and some change.
Brembo disc brakes front & rear. Braided hoses

fuckin thing's got better brakes than ours!
hah nice
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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