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Some more coil/plug questions

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So I changed my plugs over the weekend with NGK CR9EIX iridium plugs. Afterwards, bike stumbles from idle until the rpm's get up a little. My first thoughts are "fawk, i should have gapped the plugs or maybe the coils aren't pushed down all the way". Tonight, I gapped the plugs and made sure the coils were in there securely. The result... worse than before.

So here are my questions: 1) can the dealer check my coils to see if they've gone bad? or is trial and error using the bike the only way to check them? 2) is there anywhere to buy new coils for cheap? Those bastards are expensive.

And no my coils are not covered by the recall, my bike is an '02. Also, all 4 headers seem to heat up at the same rate. So I don't know specifically which coil/plug combination is the culprit.
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I really dont have a clue what Im talking about, so only take this as a suggestion but when I replaced the plugs on my 03 about a month ago, I know I realized that I couldve plugged the wrong wires into the coil packs (i.e. cylinder 4 wire to cyclinder 3) So I labeled all the wires and coils with the correct number to ensure this wouldnt happen. Is it possible you mixed up the wires ?
Also , I dont know how easily this would be to do with a bike, or if its even safe. But you could just pull out each plug, one a time, and ground it on something, and just gently tap the start button so that it won't fire up but will allow you to see if the plug is firing or not
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