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Solo seat for 05 r6 RAVEN????

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hey anyone know where I can get a seat cowl for an 05 r6 Raven that doesn't have those damn air scoops in it??? I'm not lookin for a plain flat one either... maybe one with a little bit of design... any suggestions... Send pics if ya have em!!! :hyper
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Targa looks much better than the Yamaha piece.
looks like i gotta break down and buy one of these since my seat flew off
Well let me know how much you end up spending!!!
man they dont got anything cool for the 01's =/
Is anybody trying to sell one that'll fit an 05 r6??? I'll buy it from ya- don't care what color... I'll paint it
n e one explain why they are 200 bucks?!?!?!
DisturbedOne said:
n e one explain why they are 200 bucks?!?!?!
Cause people will pay that much.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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