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SMX Air-Flo or any other jacket with "Aero Hump"

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For all that own the SMX Air-Flo.....

Does the aero hump get in the way of wearing a backpack while riding the bike???

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i am stuck with the same problem. i'm going to try removing the foam part of the hump. that way the bag will feel more "in the middle". i was thinking to use that space to hold a video camera for a helmet cam.

i just did it and it took me less than a minute. it will work nicely. i like to use a separate back-protector anyway.
my backpack just goes over the hump. No problems at all.
mine fit over the hump
No problems with the hump on my S*MX Air-Flo, and I wear a backpack all the time.
I have the same jacket, and wear a backpack with it as well, no issues here.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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